The Rainbow's End


1996 N. Gregg

Welcome to the Rainbow's End, where the cozy little farm called Wilmar Oaks rests along The River that divides The Mountains of the North and The Mountains of the South. The Gregg Family moved from the San Fernando Valley to bring life to the abandoned farm acquiring many skills along the way. Here Gramma Gregg with her three children, Karen, Brian, and Bruce, rebuilt the farm of the early 1900's. They mined gold from the river, cultivated vegetables, harvested nuts and fruits, raised livestock while working together and instilling family values. Gramma Gregg presents the family's experience from the perspective of the animals who watched them adjust to their new surroundings.

One day a beautiful large skunk chased Gramma Gregg from the barn to the house. It was quite a sight to behold. Looking back, she surmised that the Skunk, really just wanted to play. Thus came about the infusion of family values and human emotions with animal graphics and Gramma Gregg's storybooks were born. There are fifty-eight animal characters. The Mouse family is from Germany, the Chicken family is from Spain, the Squirrel family is from England, and the Fox and Bunny families came from France. All her books are based on true experiences from every day events as seen by the animals. As Karen, Brian and Bruce moved from Wilmar Oaks, they took with them many lessons they had learned on the farm. As you explore the world of Gramma Gregg, you will enjoy her stories and realize that you too can make your own dreams come true.

Her assortment of greeting cards brings these same inspirational messages to others on special occasions. The coloring books are just the right size for helping children pass the time during long trips. Gramma Gregg's stories are ideal for bedtime stories when children can fall asleep and dream new dreams for tomorrow. Welcome boys and girls, moms and dads, and grammas and grandpas, and children of all ages to the world of Gramma Gregg!

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