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Dedicated to FREEDOM, and governments and people who realize the only way FREEDOM IS PRESERVED, is by the INDIVIDUAL holding the elected official accountable at all levels of government.  Freedom can only exist in an atmosphere of choice.  The system that promotes choice is a REPUBLIC, of the people, for the people and by the people, for which I take this stand.  God please help America.

Several years ago I started to research the constitutional foundation of our country, not just from the spoon-fed text books, but from a total picture of life and society. A REPUBLIC is more than government, it is how the people take on responsibility in all levels of society.  It is dependent upon you and me to be vigilant in our responsibility for ourselves, our neighbors and the politicians we elect to office.

Another often compared similarity between the United States of America and the Roman Empire is, that both have lasted for about two hundred years and have been the subject of volumes for decades. I have referred to a quote by Edward Gibbon who wrote the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  He describes physical changes that take place in a society which ultimately brings about a decline.  I wanted to know how this could happen.  I have spent many hours evaluating the causes that have brought about such change in society.

All the conclusions in this book are my own and any subsequent opinions are based upon my research.  It is important that you realize this book is well documented.  My research primarily consisted of publications from the Federal Registry consisting of: The United States Government Manual 1990/91, publications of Executive Orders and Laws passed by Congress. As you read you will find yourself saying, "This isn't possible, not in my Country!", that was my first reaction to my research.  It is then that you know you are reading a truth.  A truth that is so repulsive to the American way of thinking that denial is the first reaction. Denial of a truth that is this repulsive is also the last reaction before enslavement. (Enslavement to me is when there are no choices left for you to make. Life is planned and programmed for you.)

I am convinced that we the people can make the difference!  By empowering ourselves we can take America off the road that is moving toward another form of Government.  We can do this by making it accountable to us, establishing integrity in the law and maintaining the separation between Church and State.  We can recapture the vitality of the United States of America and bring about the Rebirth of OUR Republic for which I take this stand.

Nancy E. Gregg