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Let's stop the American land grab
by the United Nations.

My name is Nancy E. Gregg, and I am the mother of four, the grandmother to thirteen, and Gramma Gregg to many others. I live on a small riverside farm, which for 22 years has allowed my family to be self-supporting. Recently, the National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed a regulation as published in the Federal Register, which will take my farm with NO compensation! The proposed designation of critical habitat will shut down all activities within 300 feet of all water bodies accessible to the coho salmon. (Although a recent bureaucratic response was "Don't worry, we won't implement it," I'm not convinced that a regulation would be written without the intent to implement it!)

While researching the background information for this web site, I found that I am not alone. All across America in YOUR BACK YARD many branches of the U.S. Government have begun implementing their strategic plans to take our lands. In my case, the Endangered Species Regulations are being implemented, which also effect trout streams in Maine as well as public and private property around the Great Lakes.

Additionally, Executive Orders have implemented the transfer of Federal Parks and National Monuments into the Heritage Foundation whose control rests within the United Nations. Over 30 million acres have been transferred, preventing public and private use in the name of Biodiversity Treaty.

Your first reaction will probably be the same as mine was... disbelief.  You might surmise, "She's wrong; they can't do that in the United States of America." After you review the documentation in this web site and review the associated link sites, we recommend that you determine how much of your own property is at risk.

My efforts have been primarily channeled to save my farm on the Klamath River. As the news of my situation spread across the nation, many have come to my aid with further documentation and support. This is my opportunity to share these issues with you.

Initially, I wrote a protest letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service. You'll see my editorial in the Siskiyou Daily News March 19, 1998, and the Biodiversity Treaty Map that is already being implement by Executive Order and Federal Regulations. I informed 40 members of Congress, recommending that they make saving private property rights their first concern.

In order to gain support from the media, I have mailed information explaining what has transpired and may occur as the land grab continues. If you would like to receive this information, please keep reading, for it is now provided to you on this site.

Through this web site, I wish to both help you and enlist your help, so that we the people can make a difference. We the people need to be personally responsible for our government. Please use these letters as guides to bring this issue to the attention of your congressmen and senators. Send letters in support of my present situation with the National Marine Fisheries Service, for if we save my farm, we will set the precedence to protect private property rights all across America.

Thanks for your help, folks. Please join me in writing letters and making this issue known. In the process you will keep your property from being given to the United Nations.

Nancy E. Gregg


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