Low Business Inbound/Outbound Calling Rates
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Long Distance Inbound/Outbound Phone Rates
Thank you for visiting our site, but we no longer offer this service.

We've got low rates!

Low intrastate rates, low interstate rates, and low international rates… With 9.99 cents per minute for interstate rates, all day, every day, what else can we say? With six second billing after the first 18 seconds you save even more! We've got low rates!

There are no gimmicks, no tricks, and certainly no big advertising campaigns. While we do have a sales force of independent contractors, we have no national advertising campaign spending millions of dollars on newsprint, TV, or event related advertising. Our business grows through the referrals of happy customers like you.

We are committed to customer service and low prices. In order to guarantee interstate calling rates as low as this, we ask for our customer's commitment through a one or two year contract. Monthly contracts are available, too.

Since our business is to help you succeed in business, our desire is to lower your rates so that you can build your business. Your incoming 800 numbers will be given the same low incoming rate.

Call toll free 888-242-4638


email: protech@inetplaza.com